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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services

We excel in garage door services but we are also excellent professionals for all gate repair needs.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Leave any door opener related problem to our experts who are familiar with any type and brand of the device.

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Garage Door Maintenance and Adjustments

Garage Door Maintenance and Adjustments

Our company offers same day garage door maintenance service

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All garage door owners have questions from time to time and they are all entitled to answers. We offer the best! Here you will find excellent and short answers to the most common questions about garage systems, garage door parts, electric openers and ways to maintain them and handle problems.

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Consumers are welcome to get educated from these FAQs. The answers you need.

How often must I lubricate the components?

The experts of our garage door company in Thornwood suggest twice every year but the frequency of lubrication maintenance will also depend on the condition of the garage door parts and how often you maintain as well as open/close the door. Most of the times, it's not necessary to exceed the times recommended by specialists.

Why horsepower counts for openers?

The horsepower of the garage door motors determines the speed of the door and ensures that the opener is capable to activate its movement. If you have a very heavy door and you choose ½ hp instead of ¾ you will exhaust the garage door opener and you will need to replace the system sooner.

How should I reduce stains?

Our technicians recommend that you hose down the entire structure at least once a year. This will reduce the risk of slip hazards as well as pockmarks. Watch out for any spillage of auto fluids as well as road salt. Hairline cracks are not a problem as long as they are on the concrete slab.

What are the things to be checked first in order to troubleshoot your garage door?

First, you have to check if the door can operate on its own. Then, determine if the cord is plugged in. Also figure out if there is something wrong with the door’s motor, sensors, remote, wiring and running gear. If you need assistance with this, our experts are ready to help.

Are the replacement parts of good quality?

Garage door repair New York has an extensive collection of parts required for repairing garage doors. The parts used are of superior quality and one of the best in the industry at present. You can be assured that the garage door will operate smoothly, safely and efficiently for many years.

Should I get galvanized parts or not?

It depends. It's good to invest in some galvanized garage door parts but it's not always suggestible. For example, it's smart to have stainless steel tracks but not galvanized garage door springs. Galvanized springs don't have the same power as oil tempered ones and need constant maintenance while galvanized tracks will still do their job and remain with you for years since they're rust-resistant.

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